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who we are
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Motupa PJ Enterprise
Motupa PJ Enterprise (Pty) Ltd is a black-owned company, managed by a young, ambitious and driven entrepreneur Mr. Puleng Johannes Motupa. The enterprise was officially registered through Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) in April 2014, with the registration number 2014/073057/07. The business is also registered as Importer and Exporter (SADC), with customs client number 21514722.

The business was established after identifying the need to provide quality products and services to the private and public sectors. The business makes a significant contribution in the development of the South African economy by creating employment and financial security for the previously disadvantaged individuals and communities. Motupa PJ Enterprise is a trendsetter in the manufacturing industry and well renowned for innovative, cutting-edge consumer product.
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Our Mission

To create value, in the sense of bringing significant and changes in the society by introducing new innovations and creates jobs for unemployed people.

Our Vision

To provide professional products and services that will satisfy the expectations of our clients and saves them money and time.

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Core Values

The values that guide our business include: 

Leadership | Passion | Respect | Integrity | Excellence | Innovation | Empowerment

our Goal
To participate in the economic mainstream of the industry To provide quality products and services To exceed customer expectations for service performance and value To create employment opportunities To satisfy the needs of our customers
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What we do
Heat Locker Box

Heat Locker box is a product that allows the user to finish cooking their foods without the use of electric stove, fire or gas. It plays a crucial role in times of electrical shortages and blackouts in the country. We still have villages in the country that are still not having electricity and residence from those villages find themselves facing challenges when they start cooking or during load-shedding.

They possess challenges such as; 

 • They spend a lot of money buying fuels or filling up the gas 
 • Their children fells in the fire or gas explored
 • They inhale carbon dioxide from the charcoals and woods which in dangerous to their health
 • They risk being raped in the bush when they have gone to collect woods 
 • They risk being kidnapped or killed by strangers or wild animals 

 Therefore, the Heat Locker Box is the answer to all matters!

Washable and Reusable Sanitary Pads

It is reusable and easy to wash, Absorbency tested,  4 years life span, Clips around underwear, Quality stitching

Our customers
People who likes to cook
People who like to decorate their homes
Home owners
people who lives with or without electricity
People who likes to save money, electricity, time and quantity of fuel they use for cooking